Bear Lawyer Weathers the Latest Disaster


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    • Although Pope avers that “he that would pun, would pick a pocket”, you have nothing to fear from Bear Lawyer. In addition to his love of Justice and The Law, BL’s paws are far too big to avoid detection in the event that the noble ursus attempted to liberate one’s wallet from one’s trousers.

      Besides, if his debtors are behind their payments, Bear Lawyer has far more direct (and notably less pleasant) ways of getting his due.

  1. It does seem the world has been at war with Bear Lawyer, and his O’Hooch collection, of late. I’d suggest getting Bertam Zebediah Beaver & Sons back since they excel at strategic containment.

    • Unfortunately, Bertram’s construction-happy ways may very well be a contributing factor in the flooding of Bear Lawyer’s office-glen. For all his knowledge of waterways and flood management, Bizy has never met a stream he didn’t want to block—consequences be damned.

  2. Does Bear Lawyer wear a messenger bag or a laptop case with a strap on it? There’s a difference, apparently.

    • Bit of both, actually—it’s a satchel-style leather briefcase (similar to this and this) with an optional shoulder-strap, and comes complete with compartments for bluebacks, briefs, writing implements, snacks, mobile device, wallet, condiments, Pawbook Pro, and a handle of booze. Perfect for extended jaunts into the city proper, though slightly too informal for court appearances.

  3. So court mandates a proper briefcase? I’m dating a law student who is interested in litigation so I know one day I will have to opine on these things.

    Handsome bag, though!

    • Bear Lawyer is not aware of any dictate with regards to the “proper” size, colour, or construction of a litigating attorney’s briefcase, but he does prefer the weighty thunk of depositing one’s attaché case upon one’s table in the courtroom, followed by the imposing click of the locks being released. An unnecessary bit of theatre, but pleasing in its own right.

      That, and the solid-body attaché makes for a far more effective cudgel should the jury render a verdict that is not to Bear Lawyer’s liking.

      • Oh I much prefer the term attaché, now that you mention it. I shall be directing aforementioned law student to this thread so he can garner some ideas.

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