Bear Lawyer Mourns a Casualty Loss


3 responses to “#189

  1. If Bear Lawyer is willing to spend some vacation time in Antarctica, there are still a couple cases of 1896 Mackinlay’s buried under the floorboards of Shackleton’s hut. Although perhaps a weekend spent wall strapping any important surviving items might prove more psychologically therapeutic.

    • Hrm… looks like a certain ursine attorney will be calling upon both the New Zealand branch of the Antarctic Heritage Trust and the Canterbury Museum in Christchurch to see if they need any further help “analysing” Sir Shackleton’s reserves.

      Certainly, one could always make due with Whyte & Mackay’s “recreation” of Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt, but Bear Lawyer is extremely particular when it comes to his booze, and is loathe to accept substitutes. Hence his near-inconsolable sadness over the loss of a 1921 bottle of O’Hooch’s Fine Irish Whiskey.

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