Bear Lawyer Petitions His Government

Bear Lawyer does not care for the gentleman from Virginia’s disparaging comments towards the Environmental Protection Agency, nor for his frustratingly vague partisan rhetoric and reflexive blame-gaming (bad habits that cut both ways across the aisle). No, he does not care for it at all.


6 responses to “#188

  1. Thought BL might have been going all Charlie Kelly on him

    • There’s no debating Mr. Kelly’s moxie, but Bear Lawyer can think of far more effective (and humane) means with which to dispose of vermin than a ball-peen hammer—or “rat stick“, to use the Philadelphian parlance.

  2. I agree with Bear Lawyer. Tks Tom.

    • The blessings of the First Amendment are manifold, and while the right to petition one’s government for the redress of grievances (be they real or merely perceived) often plays second or third fiddle to the hallowed freedoms of speech and religion, Bear Lawyer finds that having access to one’s own elected representatives—as well as to elected representatives in general—is one of the hallmarks of Our Great Nation, and should be used liberally.

      Now, if only the First Amendment made allowances for well-intended (and lightly administered) drubbings of said elected officials…

  3. Bear Lawyer swings a ball-peen hammer in Rep Cantor’s office simply to adjust a picture and Rep Cantor’s district in Virginia simultaneously becomes the epicenter of an massive 5.8 earthquake that shakes the entire Eastern seaboard?

    Consider taking a rubber mallet next time. That Capitol Building is a bit creaky and obviously sits on active fault lines.

    • “To adjust a picture”…? Um… yes. Yes, that’s exactly what its purpose was. Of course. Ahem.

      As to the East Coast quake that occurred near Mineral, Virginia—for liability purposes, Bear Lawyer must remind his readers that correlation does not imply causation, and that Bear Lawyer is not to be held accountable for any damages, personal or structural, that may have occurred as a result of said quake, nor for any casual whacks with a ball-peen hammer directed at intractable congressional representatives.

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