Bear Lawyer Consults a General Contractor


2 responses to “#186

  1. BZB & Sons show up in saftey gear, with plans, and take the time to discuss client project goals over a steaming cup of joe? Definitely a firm worth its weight in architectural grade clear heart redwood. Good luck on the autumnal refit.

    • Bertram is nothing if not a thorough planner and careful worker, and he always does a bang-up job of maintaining the office’s treeline and controlling the foliage which would otherwise overwhelm BL’s workspace. If only he wasn’t so insistent on building those damned Organic-Deconstructivist lodges of his in a floodplain. Few things are quite as distressing as trundling out of one’s den in the wee hours of the morning and falling smack-dab into a newly-made lake.

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