Bear Lawyer Holds Out Hope for an Extraordinary Remedy


4 responses to “#185

  1. Hmm, Bear Lawyer rubbed the brass bull, made a wish for an extraordinary remedy, and all markets closed up today? Who cares if the bulls ran by mandamus or magic, do it again BL!

    • Bear Lawyer is loathe to take credit for any spurring of the market, but it might have had something to do with the cattle prod which he was brandishing on the floor of the NYSE earlier today—y’know, just to give investors a little extra juice (in the form of a high-voltage shock).

  2. Don’t wait for the government, make your own bull market!

    BTW if you’re holding things (instead of trying to trade during this junk) pay more attention to the highs and lows of the past few days- I think that there is more to learn in that than being shocked over the size of the movements themselves.

    • Bear Lawyer plans on sitting pretty with his stock(piles of salmon, honey, and hard liquor) for the time being, but it would still be nice if the respective sociopolitical turmoils of the US, UK, and Europe could dial it back a bit, if only to give pessimistic investors one less reason to exacerbate/take undue advantage of the markets’ present volatility. Slow(er) and steady wins the race, yeah?

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