Bear Lawyer Reviews His Portfolio


32 responses to “#184

  1. Cute but but I feel bad only reading the message enlightened me as to it’s purpose.

  2. Bear Lawyer doesn’t look happy. Sadly, it seems many feel just like Bear Lawyer right now. 😦

  3. Oh too soon, man. Too soon! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  4. If Bear is using our country’s status as a reason to drink, I think Bear is just plain an alcoholic. Is there a Bear rehab nearby? 🙂

  5. Hahaha hilarious.

    I hope Bear Lawyer feels happier soon..


  6. Freshly Pressed (again!), eh? Bear Lawyer knows what y’all like, and (apparently) it’s hard-drinking ursine attorneys with financial troubles who have been banned from dog parks in the greater metropolitan area.

    More importantly—greetings and salutations to new readers! Bear Lawyer reminds you to tip generously, and be sure to read the mouseover/alt text!

  7. I think we all feel Bear Lawyer’s pain, though according to the mouseover text, he’s developed an interesting and innovative hedging strategy…

  8. poor bear lawyer… the economy is rough for everyone… nice laptop though

  9. At least he can still afford his whiskey!

  10. Love the paw on the computer — great touch. I’ve seen your stuff before and I always enjoy it.


  11. Now that is hilarious! Is the bear going through a divorce lol?

  12. I always have drunken bears review my portfolio. It’s really the best way.

  13. Comments seem to be posting in 2 different spots. Click through the image to where the text is displayed, and you’ll see additional comments there that aren’t on the front page and aren’t counted in BL’s total. Not that Bear Lawyer is all about higher numbers — except in his portfolio.

  14. Do you draw these? I have a blog comic strip of my own and wish I could draw better.

    • Bear Lawyer’s specialty is The Law; all artistic depictions of his legal pursuits are handled by the Senior Partner, who has the following advice to offer:

      “Practice! Draw something, anything, every day. Draw people. Draw animals and objects and plants and vehicles. Loosen your grip. Break things down into basic shapes, then determine what details need to be there. Sometimes the simplest way is best. Look around you. Look at what other artists are doing. Challenge yourself by using new tools and by trying new styles and new perspectives. Use reference photos, but resist the urge to trace; developing your own style is less about mimicry or photo-realism than about consistency and comfort. In time, you’ll discover what works for you… and then you’ll rediscover it, again and again. It’s a long process—it never ends, really—but, really, that’s half the fun.”

  15. Maybe Bear Lawyer should run for congress? Great blog site.

  16. Aww… eill Bear Laywer wake-up with e hangover tomorrow? I think so…..lol.

  17. Bear Lawyer, I’ve never subscribed to anyone’s blog. Until now (click!)

  18. lol.. funny and cute pic..:-D

  19. You got FP again! Remember that your holdings don’t really lose value unless you sell them for less than they were bought.

  20. Congratulations for making it in the freshly pressed. Aside from this post, I “about” section. You are right, we all need a lawyer who is a care bear 😉

  21. hahaha
    nice one

    but did u all see
    bear has a laptop of bear company

  22. what a lovely picture

  23. Cute! The bear’s drunk? Is this your own drawing?

  24. this bear makes me happy

  25. Congrats on Freshly Pressed! I forwarded your blog to my law student boyfriend. Very entertaining.

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