Good Readin’ #6 – The Abominable Charles Christopher

Karl Kerschl’s The Abominable Charles Christopher tells the story of a mute man-beast who embarks on an epic quest to… um… well… to do something. Perhaps save the forest from imminent peril? Maybe? That sounds about right.

Truth be told, it’s hard to say exactly what Charles Christopher is up to. Kerschl’s narrative tends to meander, with the lion’s share of the series occupying itself with a diverse cast of forest creatures, most of whom have only ever encountered the series’ namesake (and ostensible protagonist) in passing. As such, one could easily be forgiven for losing sight of Kerschl’s underlying plot, which has only recently—in the sequence of events, that is—begun to overtly resemble the Sumero-Akkadian legend on which it appears to be based, however loosely.

Beautifully rendered in intricate black lines with inky, greenish-gray tones and solid, weighty shadows, Kerschl’s talents as an illustrator are on full display in The Abominable Charles Christopher. Unsurprisingly, it is this exacting level of detail that limits the frequency with which Kerschl can post new pages. Be forewarned: The Abominable Charles Christopher is an excellent read, but it shares its magic sparingly and at a snail’s pace.

Fan Art: A long time coming, Charles Christopher’s meeting with the boy-king Gilgamesh was both a hilarious anticlimax and one hell of a cliffhanger. Things have calmed down a bit since their initial bout of sword-and-fisticuffs, but it’s easy to imagine the two of them constantly squabbling as their strange friendship develops. Just so.


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