Good Readin’ #5 – Rice Boy

Though it serves as both a catchall name and a website URL, Rice Boy is but the first of Evan Dahm’s well-told tales from the world of Overside. Even with 439 pages to its credit, Rice Boy scarcely scratches the surface of Overside—its inhabitants are legion, its empires simultaneously ancient and fleeting, its heroes raised from nothingness to legendary heights only to be forgotten again in the blink of an eye.

Likewise, the epic Order of Tales, a daunting 744 pages in total, dwells upon but a small portion and a scant few years of Dahm’s seemingly endless world. Just as secondary stories like “The Tusks of Wusterim” and “The Tethered Isle”, for all their lush visual detail, add but mere strokes from an all-too-fine brush to Overside’s unimaginably expansive canvas.

Presently, Dahm is occupying himself with the life of Vattu, a nomad-turned-thrall to the mighty Empire of Sahta. At 151 pages and counting, there is much that Mr. Dahm’s bold lines and splendid colours have yet to reveal, and odds are exceptionally good that young Vattu’s journey has only just begun.

Fan Art: Although Dahm’s numerous tales from Overside rarely feature the same creatures, let alone the same characters, the immortal adventurer Calabash (pictured above) and his compatriot The One Electronic have been known to pop in every now and again for the sake of liberating a people and fulfilling a prophecy or two.


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