Good Readin’ #2 – Cat and Girl

That Dorothy Gambrell’s Cat and Girl so easily toes the line between comical fatalism and existential despair is either a testament to the shrewdness of its author-illustrator or a sign that Modern Man really is one hopelessly jaded sonnuvagun. The relative simplicity of Gambrell’s line-work provides little warning as to the complexity of her characters’ dialectical discourse and the subtlety of her overarching themes, let alone the puzzling nature thereof; often enough, a detailed conversation amongst three distinct characters can just as easily be broken down into three separate soliloquies, thereby inviting multiple readings and interpretations of a given comic’s intended message.

Intermittently sobering and satisfying, uplifting and depressing, absurd and insightful, Cat and Girl ceaselessly highlights both the in(s)anity of the human condition and the benign indifference of the universe, and invites you to sigh or laugh as you please. (For my part, I recommend the latter.)

Fan Art: Frequently the more farcical and frivolous of the eponymous Cat and Girl duo, Cat is not above playing Devil’s Advocate, nor is he loathe to following Girl’s strident proclamations to their oft-ridiculous conclusions. Also: pipes and shawl collars. He’s dapper like that.


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