Good Readin’ #1 – Bad Machinery

Bad Machinery

The handiwork of eternal English cartoonist and consummate gentleman John Allison, Bad Machinery is a tweenaged magical-mystery series in the vein of The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, with perhaps a dash of Archie thrown in for added romantic-comical flavour.

Allison’s third webcomic series, Bad Machinery follows an ensemble cast of secondary students as they observe, inquire into, and inevitably meddle with the inexplicable goings-on in and around their school, city, and county. Such as cursed football clubs, magical pencils, bizarre dog-like creatures, serial arsonists, and ogres. The usual, really.

Principally character-driven and effortlessly wry, Bad Machinery is a perpetual joy to read. Allison’s well-crafted characters, charming dialogue, casual wordplay, and sharp line-work are near-guaranteed to tickle one’s fancy, and his expansive archives—featuring a decade’s worth of Bobbins and Scary Go Round stories as prequel—is certain to keep new readers well-occupied for some time.

Fan Art: Ryan Beckwith and his better half, Amy Beckwith-Chilton, are two of Allison’s illustrated stalwarts, as they and their erstwhile-unknown and/or -unrequited affections have been present from Bobbins all the way through to Bad Machinery. Presently, the Beckwiths play the supporting roles of affable schoolteacher and sly dealer of antiquities, respectively.


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