Summer Vacation 2011: Good Readin’

Greetings and salutations, loyal readers and casual passers-by! As it is nearly the last week of July, Bear Lawyer was good enough to allow me a brief respite from the callus-inducing labour of composing, colouring, and chronicling his legal(ly dubious) escapades, and has instructed me to head to the shore instead. Something about “seagulls” and “revenge”—either way, blistering sun and abrasive sand, here I come!

Yet one would feel remiss to leave all y’all in the lurch with nary a thing with which to distract yourselves from the daily drudgery of researching precedent, filing briefs, and/or studying for the bar.

As such, from Sunday, July 24th through Saturday, July 30th—that is, all week long—his ursine eminence has given leave to recommend, discourse upon, and/or fawn over the ever-enjoyable illustrated musings of others in his field (meaning webcomics, not The Law). And, as a special bonus, BL has also granted permission to include emulative fan-art besides; after all, it’s good to expand one’s horizons and stretch one’s creative muscles every now and again, no?

Granted, BL did impose a limit of one post per day (and forbade any and all attempts to log time spent in such pursuits as billable hours), but it was still nice of him to allow it in the first place. What a kind fellow, that Bear Lawyer.

Thomas E. Körp
Senior Partner | Bear Lawyer, LLC


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