Bear Lawyer Denies Accusations of Criminal Mischief


5 responses to “#177(6)

  1. Bear Lawyer is a rablle rouser. He rouses rabbles.

    • Hey now! Rabble, riffraff, villains, boors, and churls make up a goodly portion of Bear Lawyer’s client base. They may be the salt of the earth, but their misdeeds pay handsomely.

  2. One might reasonably construe Bear Lawyer’s actions as a wish to enthusiastically celebrate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s arrival on US soil . . . coupled with an unfortunate mix up in dates.

    • While Bear Lawyer has naught but the best of wishes for the present and future happiness of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, he is still a bit miffed at his not having received an invitation to William and Catherine’s nuptials. As such, BL’s reaction to a stateside royal visit would be apathetic at best, and would warrant neither fireworks nor festive garb.

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