Bear Lawyer Gives Notice to Quit


2 responses to “#175

  1. Wow, when BL said retribution would be swift and painful for the intern (#167), I never envisioned this!

    • Unfortunately for the intern in #167 (whose name Bear Lawyer never bothered to learn), his tenure with the firm was cut short after being force-fed roughly five pounds of coarse Full City grounds; the ensuing bout of uncontrollable sweats, twitching, irritability, insomnia, halitosis, heart palpitations, and gastrointestinal distress rendered said intern unavailable to work for roughly two weeks, at which point BL found it necessary to terminate his contract (with prejudice).

      At present, Bear Lawyer is simply walking his latest summer intern through the finer points of apiculture, with an operative lesson in at-will tenancy thrown in for good measure. Ideally, the Queen will comply with the notice to vacate without inflicting an inordinate amount of damage upon the unwitting (and hopefully non-allergic) intern, at which point Bear Lawyer—under the auspices of his secondary business, Bear Apiaries, LLC (previously seen in #16 and #36)—will be able to offer the hive a rather more expansive, secure, and easily managed property adjacent to BL’s other rent-controlled colonies.

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