Bear Lawyer Keeps His Vigil

Apologies if this Tuesday edition of Bear Lawyer is not exactly humourous, but one hopes that the reader can forgive a sudden turn to the serious in light of recent events.

(Well, as serious as a cartoon starring an anthropomorphic ursine attorney can be, that is.)

For what it’s worth: Now that Osama bin Laden is dead, let him be gone. Remember those lost with no small fondness, but let the hatred and fear inspired by one angry man’s unconscionable iniquities be forgotten amidst the waves of that wide and accommodating sea to which he has been interred.

Justice has been served, however imperfectly. Let life go on.


11 responses to “#158

  1. Your blog is awesome.

  2. Couldn’t have said it any better than that!

  3. I adore your comment on the situation. Thank you.


  4. I really liked how you said that; do you mind if I quote you in one of my posts? I wrote a pretty convoluted and random one about the OBL death yesterday and I would love to update it with that.



    • Apologies for the delayed response, but Bear Lawyer would be well-gratified if you were to do so, Mike. He only requests that proper attribution be used (say, a link back to the above post).

      • Thank you for the permission. I have linked back to the main page as well as this specific post. Thank you again!


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  6. Justice was served and as you said it was served “imperfectly”. Very good though, you summed it up nicely.

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