Bear Lawyer Pays Restitution

6 responses to “#135

  1. A hot dog for a puny dog. Nice trade BL

  2. Lucky for Bear Lawyer, Federal Rule of Evidence R. 409 states that “[e]vidence of furnishing or offering or promising to pay medical, hospital or similar expenses occasioned by an injury is not admissible to prove liability for the injury.”

    So I think his presentation of the street delicacy is above board and will not hinder any pending civil matters to be sure. To be sure

  3. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out to be much of a trade, per se. The erstwhile dog owner remained unresponsive for a full five minutes, after which point Bear Lawyer considered the frankfurter up for grabs. And tasty.

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  5. It’s always difficult to help a person with SDPT (swallowed dog, park trauma). BL tried his best. Really, she was too mentally fragile for dog ownership , as BL’s subsequent swallowing of the proffered “dog” and her subsequent increased park trauma proved.

    • Then again, Bear Lawyer is not the daintiest of eaters; beloved pooch or otherwise, it’s best not to watch too closely while BL feeds, lest one be forever scarred by the experience. Some things simply cannot be unseen.

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