Bear Lawyer Endorses a Check


5 responses to “#127

  1. LOL. Nice work.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! =)

  3. Why’d you have to make B.L. a Bruins fan? Go Isles. Underrated fanbase.

  4. Nothing against the Islanders, but Bear Lawyer is, himself, a bear, so he has the natural urge to cheer on those sports teams which aspire to ursine grandeur in their choice of names and/or mascottes. Just so, BL follows the Boston Bruins, both the Chicago Bears and the Cubs (a labour of love during most seasons), and, to a much lesser extent, the Memphis Grizzlies. Were there a bear-themed MLS team, I’m certain that BL would have their jerseys as well; ’til then, he supports DC United.

  5. Bear Lawyer should be “practicing diversity jurisdiction” in Québec, defending Zdeno Chara in his criminal investigation by the Montréal police.

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