Bear Lawyer Endures Scrutiny


3 responses to “#113

  1. Clearly, there is no rational basis for this level of scrutiny.

  2. Bear Franklin would say he deserves neither liberty nor security

  3. Obviously, Bear Franklin never had to contend with the threat of skillfully concealed weapons and/or plastique. Bear Lawyer is, himself, inclined to agree with that old adage about the futility of sacrificing freedom for temporary safety, but he also acknowledges that fleeting embarrassment (via revealing x-ray and m-wave photography) is far less of an affront to his person than an officially administered fondling. BL may not care for it, but submitting to the x-ray/m-wave scan is far and away preferable to having a TSA officer groping about for his nethers like a blind squirrel in heavy underbrush.

    That, and such a small-scale indignity certainly trumps being the potential victim of a mid-air high-jacking or an impassioned git with his knickers full of semtex. It may inconvenience BL and his fellow travelers, but it doubtless hinders the aspirations of “agents of terror” all the more.

    Moreover, there’s also the practical point to BL’s opting for the nudey-scan: Bear Lawyer operates in a heretofore acceptable mode of pantslessness, the acceptability of which is due in no small part to the fact that his dense fur conceals that he is, in truth, quite bare. Were it to come out that BL’s business is—ahem—simply hanging out in the open, he could be potentially accountable to any number of public indecency statutes. Compound that with appearing operatively naked in a public place wherein children may likely be present, and you have “sex offender” written all over it. Big problem, that.

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