Bear Lawyer Prefers to Have Options

(Click here if the image is not displaying/animating properly.)


2 responses to “#106

  1. LOVES IT!!! love the first animated BL. also, paddington is my fave

  2. is pleased that you recognized his masquerade as the polite immigrant bear from darkest Peru, and wishes that you could have been there to explain his costume to others on Hallowe’en—most households and fellow trick-or-treaters were under the impression that BL was posing as the Gorton’s Fisherman, and thusly proffered fish fingers at every turn. Not that BL’s complaining, mind you, (free food being nevertheless free) but he does tire of battered white fish rather quickly, and would have greatly appreciated the sticky citrus tang of marmalade on toast with a hot chocolate chaser, if only as a palate-cleanser.

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