Bear Lawyer Issues a Formal Complaint


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  2. It would seem things started off on the wrong paw with Claus.

    • Truly, Saint Nicholas, Esquire, is not a man with whom one should trifle. But the mistreated workers of Claus Industries had legitimate grounds for their complaints—harsh working conditions, low pay, limited health coverage (e.g., no dental plan), rampant segregation, inveterate sexism, blatant and condoned discrimination in the workplace and during company-sponsored recreational events (e.g., the annual Reindeer Games), illegal dumping practices in and around the Isle of Misfit Toys, frequent verbal abuse from management and staff, etc.—and Bear Lawyer was only acting munus amico, and pro bono at that. Irksome though BL’s brief may have been, it was merely a passing annoyance to St. Nick, and one which the CEO of Claus Industries expected to be able to deal with in due time and at his own discretion.

      No, the feces really hit the fan when the civil suit of Rudolph, H.T. Elf, Misfit Toys, Bumble S. Mann, et al v. Claus Industries entered arbitration. Which leads us to the poetic events of #121.

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